Home Restoration Done Right

It can happen to anyone…a FIRE!

It even happened to me, back in 2009, I had a Chimney Fire that pretty much destroyed my home.  Not so much that everything was burnt to a crisp as was the case in a recent story about Ian Anderson’s Las Vegas home on Houzz. Rather my house suffered fire damage in the attic and water/smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.

You can see from the photos below, my 1,000 square foot home was totaled and all I was left with was a shell.

Rumbaugh Construction, Home Restoration

Home Restoration Provides an Opportunity

Things, like a house fire are devastating, but it can also provide an opportunity to rebuild something even better. I decided to take my “burnt marshmallow” and make it into a “smoore!” There were always things I wanted in my home and for that matter my wife wanted, in a home that our humble abode did not offer.  Sure we could have moved, but we love our neighborhood and the closeness we are to shopping and entertainment.  We decided to stay, rebuild and add features that were lacking in what was our old house.

Having a shell to work with, I gutted everything down to the outside wall and studs.  All plumbing and electrical was removed.  I then spray coated all the remaining structure on the inside with a sealant primer to prevent the smell of any smoke to penetrate into the house at a later time. The floor plan remained pretty much the same as the original, with some design changes that we always wanted in a home and could not have before.

Taking that shell, I decided to literally raise the roof by another 12 inches; for those that know me, it is not because I needed more headroom! A 12:12 pitched roof gave me a cathedral ceiling in half the house (over the kitchen and living room) and a loft which increased the size of the home by another 500 square feet.  Acting as my own general contractor (I would only recommend that if you are a general contractor already, like myself), did save some money, which I sunk into a geo-thermal HVAC system; pardon the pun.  Adding wood floors in the living spaces, and heated tile floors in the kitchen, bath and basement were only the start.  Raising the roof, adding a great room appearance to the living room and kitchen, larger Pella Windows (triple glazed with the blinds inside), plus a new overhang on to the front, just increased the curb appeal that much more.

Taking one of the bedrooms on the main floor, I converted it into a formal dining area with pocket doors.  We have one bedroom on the main floor, one in the basement and the loft can be used as another.  My office is on the main floor.

There were some structural issues I needed to resolve since my house was not initially designed to support the weight of an additional floor; overcome by adding a stronger I-beam to support the main floor joists.  Curb Appeal, Home Restoration

Home Restoration Results

There was a lot of work that needed to be done, and it took nearly a year to complete; demolition, planning, permitting, construction, finishing, and keeping my other client projects on schedule.  Your home restoration would take much less time.  You can see more photos of my restoration project on my website.

Like a “Phoenix rising from the ashes,” it was all worthwhile as my wife and I now have a home we intend to enjoy for many years to come.