5 Tips to Design an Efficient Kitchen Layout

Kitchen planning blueprint, Gary Rumbaugh Construction among the best General Contrractors in Omaha.When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen plan, there is no one size or idea to fit all, since everyone is different with different needs and how they use their kitchen.

Here are five recommendations that will help you make the most out of your kitchen

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8 Tips to Select a General Contractor for a Home Improvement Project

Selecting a General Contractor based on the Lowest Price may not be the best idea.

Recently I was asked to visit a home of someone that had a room added onto the house juGary Rumbaugh Construction, example of taking a low bid.  rotten wood.st seven short years ago. They selected the lowest bid and now that decision is costing them tens of thousands of dollars to correct.  You can see [Read more…]

Home Restoration Done Right

It can happen to anyone…a FIRE!

It even happened to me, back in 2009, I had a Chimney Fire that pretty much destroyed my home.  Not so much that everything was burnt to a crisp as was the case in a recent story about Ian Anderson’s Las Vegas home on Houzz. Rather my house suffered fire damage in the attic and water/smoke damage throughout the rest of the house.

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The Planning Process for Your Home Renovation

The time it takes to properly plan and implement your renovation project can be much longer than you think.Gary Rumbaugh Construction, General Contractor, Advice on home improvement project planning

I have a friend that comments that his wife sees an idea on a home improvement cable show and expects the project to be completed in nearly the same time; 30 or 60 minutes. Well we both know that is not realistic.

There are a lot of elements that can impact the timeline for your project:

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How to choose the right solar lights

Here is a good article I found interesting on Houzz  hope you find it helpful.