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Are you considering a remodeling or home renovation project?

If, Yes, then to make sure all the bids you receive should be based on the same set of plans.

You cannot compare contractor bids unless they are all looking at the project from the same set of plans.

We can help if you do not have a set of blueprints handy.

Blue Print Creation

We are glad to help you get your dreams down on paper so you can smartly choose the right general contractor for the job.

Yes, there is a charge for this service. Just as if you would pay for any architect or home designer to create a set of prints and project specs. The difference in selecting GRC to create your plans, should you choose us to do the work, the cost for these plans will be deducted from the overall project.

Still the biggest benefit in having a set of plans and specifications is that you will be able to properly compare all the bids you get as Apples to Apples and not Apple, Bananas and Oranges.